Silk - Wine- Non-Medical Facemask with Filter

Silk - Wine- Non-Medical Facemask with Filter

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Silk is so luxurious on the face!

These are non-medical fitted masks made from two layers of 100% Silk Doupioni plus a sewn in filter.
They are washable and very durable.
Each mask has a wire on the bridge of the nose for easy adjustment so you can fit it to your face.
The mask is also a bit stiffer with room in the curve from mouth to nose to allow for easier breathing and talking.

Disclaimer: Each mask is laid individually on the print fabric. Each mask print is unique and may not exactly match the placement that is on the picture.

The masks come in three size and fit as follows:
Kids: Usually for children or people with a smaller face.
M: Fits an adult woman
L: Typically for Men but or people of larger face stucture.

Washable, and durable.
Suggested Washing Instructions:
Wash in the washer or by hand after every use and hang to dry.

Partial Proceeds will go towards the local woman's shelter.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!